Mark M (markalope) wrote in top5_lists,
Mark M

Top five things that annoy the *&^*&#^$ out of me, every Christmas

5. Family members who know me well enough to call and ask me what I want for Christmas, but don't know me well enough to buy a gift without receiving a list.

4. That STUPID F-in' song by the Beach Boys. Yes, you know it. It's that "Man with all the toys" one. God - it's hurts to even type it.

3. The fact that Target had Christmas stuff in the store the day after Halloween.

2. Now until after January, it will be impossible to get to any restaurant anywhere near the mall (located rather close to me office) for lunch without major traffic problems.

.... and number one:

The fact that I would even have enough ammunition to be making this list almost a full week before Thanksgiving.
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5. Having to be cherry and happy to people I can't stand.

4. Talking to family members that couldn't be bothered any other time of the year.

3. Not having enough money to get the the stuff I want to get for my friends & family

2. Going to walmart at 2am for toilet paper and not being able to find a parking spot.

And the number 1 reason....

1. Chrismahaunikawnzaka...