Mark M (markalope) wrote in top5_lists,
Mark M

Top Five Artists That Are Just Fine... NOW

So last night I was thinking about musicians/artists that I really didn't haev the time of day for, back in the day, but I really like now. THIS would make a good Top 5 post, I said to myself, and everyone can play along! However, if you do - keep in mind that to qualify as "back in the day" the time period you're referring to must be at LEAST 10 years ago, and 20 is better. I don't want to see any 18 year olds posting about Raffi.

Top Five Musical Acts I Didn't Care About Back In The Day, But Now I Really Like:

1. Sinatra

2. The Cure

3. Led Zepplin

4. Depeche Mode

5. Journey
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