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top 5 current realizations

5. cigarettes are better in the winter.

4. anonymous gifts are more fun to give.

3. people think you're wasting your potential when you don't pass a class, even when you're using your potential to do something more important to you.

2.things tend to work out better when you kind of expect them not to.

1. contentment is overrated.
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I disagree.

5) NOTHING is better in the winter. Cold sucks. And smoking?!? Forget it. You've got one hand all nice and warm in one pocket, but the hand holding the cigarette gets so cold it burns and you start to worry that fingers are going to fall off. But if you hold the cigarette in the other hand so your cold hand can warm up in your pocket, then your warm hand gets cold and the cold hand doesn't get any warmer and... just... Sucks.
4) But then you don't get to see the other person's reaction to the gift. And their reaction is the best part!
3) You're not wasting potential. Just money. And time.
2) Except when they don't. And then you stand there going, "CRAP! I KNEW that wasn't going to work! LOUSY waste of FRIGGIN' piece of crap SORRY son of a....!" and on and on and on.
1) If you're not happy with being content, then you're not really content.
5) it depends on how cold it is. and if you don't smoke you don't know if it's better or not.

4) you can still see their reaction, they just won't know it's from you.

3)no money is wasted if it's not college, and not time if you're not going to class.

2)i suppose..

1) i never said i was content. i've only observed and made assumptions.
5) Depends on how cold it is? I guess that's true. Low 70s is cold, but not too bad, I guess, as long as the wind isn't blowing. You don't smoke? Oh! I see! Yeah, I guess smoking LOOKS pretty cool in the winter. The steam from the person's breath added to the smoke makes it look like they're exhaling friggin' huge, billowing white clouds...! Yeah, I guess that's pretty cool. Makes it darn near impossible to blow smoke rings, though.

4) How can you see their reaction? You'd have to come up with some lame story, wouldn't you? "Oh! Hey! I just... found this! Someone wrapped a box and... uh... left it for you in some place that I happened to... uhmmm... look in before you did! Hmmmm, it doesn't say who it's from. Well, open it, open it, open it! And if you don't like it, I'm sure that I... uh... can, like, FIND the receipt!"

3) Well, you said if you don't pass the class. But you already paid for the class, so all that money was wasted. And then you have to pay to take it AGAIN!
As far as wasted time goes, that class should have put you 3 credit hours closer to graduation. Now instead of graduating in the Fall, you might have to wait until the Spring term. That's a whole semester wasted.

2) Now, I'm going to have to disagree with... uhmmm. What? You suppose?!? So... you agree?? HA! I win! ;)

1) I'm not content, either. Is anyone? I sure hope so. It'd depress the crap out of me to think that NOBODY in this great, big world is happy!
5) i meant if YOU don't smoke.. not me. but that works too, and is cool.

4) i gave a person a gift by finding another person to give it to them. then i just saw how they reacted because i was around them.

3) i don't have to pay for it! i'm in high school. and i don't need the class.

2) you don't win, i still don't agree with you.

1) i'm sure people are content, but it doesn't matter to me.