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Top5 ways *not* to "die like a man":

You have all heard of ways to "die like a man"
these include going parachuting and the chute doesn't come out, getting eaten by a lion while hunting, or getting a heart attack while having sex...this list is compiled of complete opposite events...

The Top5 Ways *Not* to "Die Like a Man"

5) You got in an accident with the ice cream man while going 10 mph in your moped.
4) You didn't get enough protien with your Atkins diet.
3) Alchol poisoning when all you had to drink were coolers and Zima.
2) Ballet accident.

...and the number one way *not* to "die like a man" is...

1) Your dick got caught in your pool suction, you drowned...and your parents found your body.
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