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Date:2006-02-20 14:57
Subject:Top Five celebrities that are likely to be found laminated to wood plaques in a rural 7-11

1. John Wayne
2. Dale Earnhart
3. James Dean
4. Elivs Presley
5. Tupac

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Date:2006-02-06 14:45
Subject:Markalope's Top 5 favorite NFL players of all time

This time they're in order. #1 is #1.

  1. Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears

  2. John Riggins, Washington Redskins

  3. William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Chicago Bears

  4. Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins

  5. Reggie White, Green Bay Packers

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Date:2005-09-26 14:50
Subject:Top 5 Things You Should Not "Get Me Started About"

5. The local radio stations

4. Hurricane Katrina is all part of Bush's plan to kill off black people.

3. 10 hot dogs per pack. 8 hot dog buns per pack.

2. Those "wait staff birthday songs" in places like TGIFs or Red Robin.


1. "Intelligent design"

Woof! Don't get me started!

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Date:2005-09-26 14:49
Subject:Highly Recommended

Merlin Mann's 5ives site

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Date:2005-01-04 15:13
Subject:Top five cool videos from back when MTV played music

And I mean the early days. Cool video does not always equal non-lame song, and vice versa. In no particular order:

  1. "You Got Lucky" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

  2. "Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top

  3. "Love is a Battlefield" - Pat Benatar

  4. "Where the Streets Have No Name" - U2

  5. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson

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Date:2004-12-27 16:38
Subject:Top 5 Reasons Why People Annoy Me
Mood: aggravated

5. I don't care what cute thing your kid did and no I don't want to talk to them on the phone. I don't have kids for a reason.

4. Your pet is not the cutest ever and no it's not your kid. Grow up.

3. Wow you make more money then me. Want a cookie?

2. I don't care what you got for christmas and why it's bad ass.

And the number 1

1. I'm not bitter about this holiday and no I don't think I need to smile more.

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Date:2004-12-18 18:14
Subject:The top 5 why you shouldn't be a drunk.
Mood: bored

5. You're drinking beer, and you put it down, and a woman comes by and you accidently pick up a zima.

4. When you're at a party and you're drunk, and you're with your girlfriend, and you call her your ex's name.

3. Hobos get more sex than you, while you're drunk.

2. When you happen to drinking, and you're so drunk you make out with a hot chick, that you learn is your brother's wife.

And the top reason why you shouldn't be a drunk is...

1. You can't tell the difference between a women, and a man.

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Date:2004-11-21 20:18
Subject:Top five things that annoy the *&^*&#^$ out of me, every Christmas

5. Family members who know me well enough to call and ask me what I want for Christmas, but don't know me well enough to buy a gift without receiving a list.

4. That STUPID F-in' song by the Beach Boys. Yes, you know it. It's that "Man with all the toys" one. God - it's hurts to even type it.

3. The fact that Target had Christmas stuff in the store the day after Halloween.

2. Now until after January, it will be impossible to get to any restaurant anywhere near the mall (located rather close to me office) for lunch without major traffic problems.

.... and number one:

The fact that I would even have enough ammunition to be making this list almost a full week before Thanksgiving.

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Date:2004-11-21 20:16
Subject:Quick! Top five guilty pleasures!

We all need to post more to this community. Quick! Hit me with your top five Guilty Pleasures! Or post something else. Whatever - Just do it five times, already.

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Date:2004-05-25 07:40
Subject:Top Five Artists That Are Just Fine... NOW

So last night I was thinking about musicians/artists that I really didn't haev the time of day for, back in the day, but I really like now. THIS would make a good Top 5 post, I said to myself, and everyone can play along! However, if you do - keep in mind that to qualify as "back in the day" the time period you're referring to must be at LEAST 10 years ago, and 20 is better. I don't want to see any 18 year olds posting about Raffi.

Top Five Musical Acts I Didn't Care About Back In The Day, But Now I Really Like:

1. Sinatra

2. The Cure

3. Led Zepplin

4. Depeche Mode

5. Journey

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Date:2004-04-12 19:23
Subject:Top five favorite Police songs that were not huge hits.

Complete with links to the Apple iTunes Music Store.

1. The Bed's Too Big Without You

2. Canary In A Coal Mine

3. Bring On The Night

4. No Time This Time

And my favorite, which is not available on iTunes, but this is the link to Sting's "solo" live version, which is just as good. The original was from the "Brimstone and Treacle" soundtrack, and appears in Message In A Box.

5. I Burn For You

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Date:2004-02-10 11:44
Subject:Top5 ways *not* to "die like a man":

You have all heard of ways to "die like a man"
these include going parachuting and the chute doesn't come out, getting eaten by a lion while hunting, or getting a heart attack while having sex...this list is compiled of complete opposite events...

The Top5 Ways *Not* to "Die Like a Man"

5) You got in an accident with the ice cream man while going 10 mph in your moped.
4) You didn't get enough protien with your Atkins diet.
3) Alchol poisoning when all you had to drink were coolers and Zima.
2) Ballet accident.

...and the number one way *not* to "die like a man" is...

1) Your dick got caught in your pool suction, you drowned...and your parents found your body.

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Date:2004-02-08 02:14
Subject:top five annoyances of the week

5. waiting too long to take a bath so the water becomes lukewarm.

4. having people give me contradicting orders ("what? you didn't finish your homework? go do it now!" shortly followed by, "clean your room now" and finished up with, "why aren't you asleep? i want you asleep now." )

3. being in a bad mood during a should-be great party.

2. needing someone to comfort you and the only people you want to talk to are high.

1. being too passive to address some of the major problems you're having in an important relationship.

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Date:2004-02-06 19:03
Subject:Top5 biggest surprises in the new Disney movie "Miracle"
Mood: creative

5) By mainly focusing on the hockey team, Disney fails to mention a strong-willed US curling team that *also* won gold.
4) Al Michaels still yells out "Do you believe in miracles?!?! YES!!"...but he is later crucified by the Jews.
3) First ever "Disney on Ice" movie.
2) All rumors of Disney creator, Walt Disney being dead and frozen turn out to be true when the American team celebrates over his stark naked body.

...and the nmber one biggest surprise in the new Disney movie "Miracle" is...

1) As if the movie isn't patriotic enough, the US hockey team kills three opposing players in a 22-0 win over Iraq.

I hope you enjoy this list...please shake your head at number 3 (it's just so stupid it's hilarious), and all of this is in good clean fun, please don't be offended by any of it, especially number 4
This is my first post here, my name is Andrew, and I'm looking forward to making many more for all of you...i just started lj and just started my own top5 community where i will also be posting larger lists put together by me and whoever else joins as a member and e-mails submissions. all of the lists will be good clean fun...maybe not so clean...but at least good and fun

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Date:2004-02-01 17:01
Subject:top 5 current realizations

5. cigarettes are better in the winter.

4. anonymous gifts are more fun to give.

3. people think you're wasting your potential when you don't pass a class, even when you're using your potential to do something more important to you.

2.things tend to work out better when you kind of expect them not to.

1. contentment is overrated.

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Date:2004-01-23 22:19
Subject:My top five current obsessions

5. My lime green watch.

4. Rodin.

3. Girls.

2. Wasting time.

1. The scarf I'm knitting.

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Date:2004-01-19 15:15
Subject:Top Five Cool Things About My New iPod
Mood:Pumped Up On The Music

5. The amazingly well designed packaging.

4. The backlit display and red-lit keys

3. The touch-surface controls.

2. I mean, hello, it's an iPod. It's WAY cooler than Will's lame camera phone.

and #1....

I've got over 500 CDs, ALL of which should fit on this thing. I've got 2500 songs on it already and it's only half full, and the thing is smaller than a pack of cigarettes - almost as small as my Palm Vx! how F-ing cool is that!

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Date:2003-12-09 16:13
Subject:when the dj isnt humming, part of me suffers, too
Mood: okay

top five coolest celebrities who died this year:

5. Warren Zevon, cancer-stricken musical genius
4. Elia Kazan, one of the greatest film directors of all time
3. Katherine Hepburn, legendary four-time-Academy-Award-winning actress
2. Johnny Cash, the man in black
1. Charles Bronson, the baddest motherfucker there was.

word to your dictator.

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Date:2003-11-12 10:09
Subject:Top 5 arcade video games I used to play, back in the day
Mood:Nerdly. And Old.

5. Galaga, at that one convenience store through the woods, in the back of my house.

4. Tempest, at the arcade we used to walk to during SciCon at Virginia Beach.

3. Defender, on the tabletop machine at Pizza Hut.

2. Dragon's Lair, in the arcade next to the theater at Coliseum Mall

and Number 1....

Star Castle, on the burned in machine in the corner of the 7-11, on Route 17

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Date:2003-11-10 18:53
Subject:Top Five Reasons This Community Rocks.

5. It is based on High Fidelity.

4. It has wide open rules of posting.

3. The comments (bastards/ sucks) rule.

2. It makes me think of five whole reasons for something.

1. The Jack Black icon. Ohhhh yeeeeeeah.

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